The Holland Group Project

The Holland Restaurant Group recently moved their corporate offices to Taylor Mill, Kentucky. The newly built, Manhattan style building, houses other tenant offices and 3 local Cincinnati restaurants on the lower floor including Greater's Ice Cream, Skyline Chili and LaRosa's Pizzeria.

Upon entering the first floor you can see that the style and atmosphere of the Holland Group is top-notch and each room has a story. Our goal was to match this style with impressive signage throughout the building. Custom cut metal and acrylic along with the use of stainless steel stand-offs can be found on every floor. When you step off the elevator on the third floor, a custom, back-lit sign of the "One Holland" logo catches your attention and each room has its own personalized name sign. As you push through the 8ft tall doors, you find your way to the gym, this is where CEO Gary Holland really wanted to recognize each of their restaurants and the people who have helped build the Holland Group into what it is today. Covering 3 walls of the gym are individual PVC signs recognizing these people, which restaurant(s) they have been a part of and the year they started. Along the south wall, there are custom banners that represent each restaurant, its location and the year it opened, completing the "athletic" feel in the gym. 

The exceptional detail in the corporate offices of the Holland Group and within their restaurants are a nod to the people within the organization and their commitment to excellence.